RG Poulussen
RG Poulussen
WW2 Author and
Battlefield Guide

You all have an opinion about operation Market Garden, but chances are you don't have all the facts. "A Bridge Too Far" is just a Hollywood view of Market Garden, not particularly accurate or complete. My two books are very much up-to-date and based on verifiable primary sources.

Signed hardcopies of "Lost At Nijmegen" and "Little Sense Of Urgency" can be ordered via email. (An e-mail is also the way to book a bespoke battlefield tour.) On Amazon you can buy the "Lost At Nijmegen" Kindle version.

Lost At Nijmegen & Little Sense Of Urgency


"Poulussen's work identifies a number of causes why Market Garden failed that do not marry with the Beevor/Hastings/ABTF school of pop historiography."


Instead repeating what has been written in so many Market Garden books after WW2, I decided to focus on primary sources, investigate and use footnotes.

Please share, I don't have a marketing department promoting my books "Lost At Nijmegen" and "Little Sense Of Urgency".